Red Bluff Prarie Hunting Club - Garwood, TX


Early Season Teal (September)
$225 per gun with a minimum of 4 hunters

$100 per gun, no minimum number of guns

Regular Season
Party of Four or more - $225 per hunter per day
Party of Three - $260 per hunter per day
Party of Two - $300 per hunter per day

Hunts are offered in the mornings only. The hunting fee covers breakfast and a guided hunt including decoys and/or white spread and parkas.

License Requirements

  • Valid Texas Hunting License
  • Texas Migratory Stamp
    • Endorsement on license
    • Required for persons 17 and older
  • Federal Migratory Bird Stamp
    • Required for persons 16 and older
    • Must be signed across the face
  • HIP Certified
    • Endorsement on license
  • Hunter Safety Certified
    • Required for persons born after September 2, 1971 including out of state hunters
  • Proof of Identity